Monday, 19 October 2015

3DS Max Notes

  • Select object and hit Z to zoom on object
  • With no selection, hitting z will fit the whole object to the view port
  •   Orbit by hlding alt + middle mouse button
  • Pan with middle mouse button
  •   Zoom view through scroll wheel or hold crtl + alt key and drag with mioddle mouse button
  •  ALT + W to maximise a viewport

Link and Reference Content:
  • Xref can be imported, but not edited
  • Xref object can be transformed or modified when imported
  • Xref oibjects, DWG, FBX and RVT can be linked to 
  • Update automatically” in the file command. Change to the model will not affect the oringial file
Working with scale:
  •   Unit set up > system unit set up
  •   Converting units on import may be required
  • Automatically set to inches

Locating and managing objects:
  • Use scene explorer to manage objects in scene
  • Objects can be filtered y type or name
  • Scene explorer can be configured toshow more properties
  • Properties from multiple objects can be edited al at once

Move and select object:
  • W = move
  • E = rotate
  • R = scale
  • Y = placement mode which allows you to position objects onto surfaces
  • H = select from scene dialogue
  • Crossing region selection = all objects that are even partially in the selected area will be selected
  • Window mode = all objects that are fully inside the window area will be selected.
  • Crtl and click to multiple select
  • Alt and click to deselect
Modifying geometry:
  •  You can add odifiers to an object, each modifier provides additional tools and parameters to affect the object
  •  Re-ordering the modifies will affect the result

  •  Time sliders can be used to view animations
  •  To adjust the number of frames you can see in the timeline, drag with the Right mouse buttin while holding Ctrl and Alt
  • Auto key or set key mode can be used to animate

Apply and edit materials:
  • To create new material, double click on material or drag from material map browser to active view. To assign material to an object, drag a connection from its outputsocket on to the object, or click the assign material to selected button.
  •   To adjust a materials components, double click its node, the parameter editor lists all components related to the material.
  • Scanline, mental Ray, iRay can be used to render

  •  Use photometric lights, mrSun and mrSky for realisting lighting with the Nvidia renderes
  •   Make sure your lights are turned on
  •  Adding extra lights removes all te default lights
  • You must choose the active renderer
  •  Use an environment map when using Nvidia renderers
  • Use mental Ray materials or materials from the Autodesk Material Library for more sophisticated results

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