Friday, 4 September 2015

Week 6: Second Parametric Pavilion (Kangaroo)

Theory: Emergence
 Round benches positioned around the columns

A deck is added on to the site to provide a shower and locker room below it.

 The opening in the wall leads to the area under the deck. Inside lockers, showers and a restroom are available to the public.

This pavilion was inspired by the trees within the site and the natural structure of voronoi cells. Using the voronoi cell pattern as the membrane to be stretched, the anchor points were chosen based on ethnicity census data collected from Woolloomooloo. Each location of each anchor point represents the top six countries location in relation to one another as if they were on a map.

By stretching the voronoi membrane with anchor points held to the ground, tree like structures are created as the pillars. These are reminiscent of the trees originally in the site.

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