Sunday, 30 August 2015

Week 5: First Parametric Pavilion (Lunchbox)

Theory: Terminal Line

 Benches scattered across the site for people to use

 The glass panels allow sunlight to pour through

Incorporated in to the pavilion and in the site is an extended deck with a locker room and shower area underneath. 

Preston Scott Cohen’s terminal line can be described as a surface with a temporary loss of smoothness. Coupled with my census data of ethnicity, the following pavilion was designed. The panellised rippling roof provides a smooth surface that shelters people from sun and rain. This is then interrupted by the straight walls which also act as barriers to create privacy. The juxtaposition of curvature and shapes creates a simple, yet dynamic form.

The walls are positioned to connect to certain locations on the ground. Each location represents a country, extracted from the top six ethnicities in Woolloomooloo. With Australia in the centre, the walls branch out to New Zealand, the UK, Germany, China and Vietnam. The roof hole sizes are dependent on the percentage of each ethnicity wall. The bigger the ethnicity percentage the smaller the hole and a bigger area is affected. 

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