Saturday, 1 August 2015

Week 1: Independent Study

Things learnt from the tutorials 12 - 23

  • Prototype - blocking
  • Meshing Pass - finished assets, simple lighting
  • Lighting Pass  - Place lights, tweak materials and post processing
  • Polish Pass - add effects, reflection actions, blocking volumes, audio etc.
Geometry Layout:
  • Ctrl + "N" key snaps to the grid
  • Alt + drag to copy
  • "N" key snaps the selected object to the below surface
  • In geometry mode you can push and pull
  • Hold "L" key + click to bring up a quick light
  • Alt + Shift + drag to move camera as you copy objects
Applying Materials to Objects:
  • BSP > adjacent wall surfaces = enables you to select all the walls.
  • select brushes > BSP > alighntment surface planar = makes the tiles seamlessly line up
  • Ctrl + "G" key to group objects together
  • Tap "T" for transparent selection
  • Shit + "G" to ungroup
  • Changing the brush type to subtractive negatively booleans objects
Level Blue Print:
  • Right click to add an event or timeline
  • In the timeline select start and end points + Ctrl + Right Click + select Cubic Auto to create a smooth ease in and out.
  • Physics > simulate physics so that objects are in real time and physically move.

Software Comparison - 
The building tools are very similar to SketchUp. Both programs enable you to push and pull objects with they vertices and edges. 

The level blueprint is very unlike anything I've ever used. Although it resonates with Grasshopper, both  create different results.

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