Saturday, 1 August 2015

Week 1: Online Tutorial

Things learnt from the tutorials 1 - 11

Mouse Navigation:

  • The camera speed can be changed.
  • Navigation can be done through the WASD Keys. 
  • Alt + left mouse = pivots camera
  • Select object + "F" Key = pivots camera around selected object
  • Alt + mouse scroll = tracks camera
  • hold Shift to move with the camera
Placing Objects:
  • Click and drag to add objects
  • "W" key to move objects
  • Right click to place the last placed object
Moving objects:
  • "E" key to Rotate
  • Click between axis to move between two axis
  • Clicking the globe in the top right corner will allow you to move things on the object space. You can switch between world and local.
  • You can change the grid snap and the "smoothness" of the snap
  • 1 UR unit = 1cm
  • The white dot in the middle of the red, green and blue axis can be used to move the object in all 3 axis.
Rotating Objects:
  • "E" key to rotate.
  • You can rotate on a local and world space
  • Numbers can be manually entered for precise rotation.
Scaling Objects:
  • "R" key for Scale
  • You can click in between two axis to scale in both directions.
  • You can move and delete panels
  • Right clicking can hide the tabs. An orange triangle means there's a hidden tab

Software Comparison - 
Unreal Engine seems to have some similarities to Rhino, but there are a lot more short cut keys for the numerous actions you can do. Putting the actions down to keyboard keys makes things simple and easy to use, but there is a lot to remember in terms of which key belongs to which action.

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